Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hot New Book and Upcoming Lecture: Campion Platt Made To Order

Campion Platt, Allison Hennessy and Jay McInerney at Platt's
lecture at Y92.  McInerney, a friend and client of Platt's, wrote the
forward.  McInerney's previous apartment is also featured in
Campion Platt Made To Order
Campion Platt is one of the rare talents who can apply his aesthetic to all design aspects of a space.  Not only is Platt an architect, interior designer and product designer, but has also been a developer in many of his commercial projects. 

A wide range of Platt's design projects, sketches, architectural drawings and design expertise grace the pages of Campion Platt Made To Order.  Each chapter of the book features a story of a different project; my favorite of which is Platt's own Palm Beach 1924 British Colonial Revival.  

The wall application in this hallway adds architectural
interest and the illusion of stone.  
The library is an assortment of contrasting textures ranging from slick and glam (lucite etagere, silk curtains, brass accents) to rough elements of nature (pickled cypress walls, hide rugs, turned wood table).  This variety of materials remains cohesive due to the similarity of the clean lined, angular forms.

Bright, clear white looks gorgeous in South Florida and envelopes Platt's living room.  The mirrored wall around the fireplace reflects surrounding windows and brings in more light.

The dining room and living room are divided by this white lacquer cabinet.  Mirroring is used, again, in the cabinet to create reflective depth.

I love the tropical green hue of these bath tiles.  The modern bathroom has the feel of a chic hotel; Platt designed New York's Mercer Hotel, Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Hotel and several other notable hotels. 

Platt's pool looks like heaven! 
Behind the movie wall is the outdoor shower. 
Photo taken from Architectural Digest. 
Don't miss Platt's lecture on Campion Platt Made To Order at Cafe Astra in the D and D Building on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 from 9:30-10:30am.

For more information on Campion Platt, his projects and products, check out  His site has cool video tours of projects too!


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  2. Thank you, Campion! I really enjoyed your book and lecture!