Thursday, February 3, 2011

Peter Pennoyer: Architect To Know & Book To Own

Peter Pennoyer has mastered the perfect balance between past and present to reinterpret classical architecture for modern living.  Twenty of Pennoyer's residential projects are featured in his new book, Peter Pennoyer Architects: Apartments, Townhouses, Country Houses.

Pennoyer illustrates the evolution of each house from structural changes, floor plans and elevation sketches to beautifully finished rooms.  I especially like the paneling:

The contrasting paint colors make the details of this wood-paneled bedroom really pop.

Curved walls add interest to a room but typically reduce square footage, yet in this dining room, Pennoyer created cabinetry behind the curved paneling.
This mirrored wall is supremely glamorous.
I am also most impressed with Pennoyer's staircases.  He always installs a skylight at the top of a stair to provide a natural source of light to the floors below and can be done regardless of the size of the house.

Circular stairways are clever space savers in tight townhouses. 

A Pennoyer house will often include elements from period buildings that are manifested in new, unique ways to accommodate the functionality and scales of today.  The vaulted ceilings in the landing of this Manhattan Townhouse were inspired by Jame Wyatt's Heveningham Hall, one Britain's most important houses.

Pennoyer says that houses improve with age and as they are lived in and are not complete with out interior design.  Not only is his book full of breath taking architecture but also the interior design work of Jeffrey Bilhuber, Thomas Jayne, Katie Ridder (Pennoyer's wife and one of my favorite designers), Michael Smith and Matthew Smyth to name a few.

I had the chance to hear Pennoyer lecture at the Winter Antiques Show but check out for upcoming lectures, events and videos.


  1. Gorgeous!!!
    Love that green paneled room!

  2. Very nice. I always like a staircase that is a bit of a show off.