Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Greenbrier with Carleton Varney

Varney and me in front of the Love Clock as featured on The Bachelorette.
A highlight from my trip to The Greenbrier was a chance to meet famous interior decorator, Carleton Varney. Varney first started coming to the Greenbrier with his mentor and former boss, Dorothy Draper, when she was decorating the hotel. Varney, now the owner of the Dorthy Draper Company, has been decorating and ‘curating’ the Greenbrier for half a century. He balances preserving the Draper vision in certain historic rooms, while decorating new spaces and properties for the ever expanding resort.

One of Varney's favorite rooms at The Greenbrier is The North Parlor.  Draper selected the console tables, mirrors, mantle and screens for this room. 
Varney updated the Parlor about ten years ago, adding the coral paint, new upholstery and the portrait of Grace Kelly.

I am currently reading one of Varney's books, Mr. Color, which has been a great way to learn more about Varney and his work. Varney was kind to sign my book and take a few moments to chat before meeting a film crew for a TV interview.

Check out Varney's show, "Live Vividly" on HSN, his fabric at Carleton V. Ltd, and his home décor collection at HSN.  If you really want to master the Draper and Varney flair, take Varney's crash course in interior design, which is offered at The Greenbrier!


  1. How beautiful. We were there a few months ago for a family members big birthday. Its such a beautiful place. Great memories have been made there.

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments! I am glad you enjoyed the post and your vacations to The Greenbrier - you're right, it is spectacular!
      Thank you for reading MannerOfStyle!
      xo Allison

  2. Hi Allison, Love the blog! I will have to check out the book "Color". Thanks for sharing your pics, I have not seen photos of the North Parlor of the Greenbrier. I have to drag my husband down for a visit! Amal

    1. Hi Amal,
      Glad you enjoyed the post! It was really fun to have the chance to meet Mr. Color! Thank you for reading! Xo