Friday, December 31, 2010

Toast The New Year In Style With Chic Champagne Coupes and Flutes

Nothing says celebration like a tall glass of bubbly.  Pop off the cork with care and immediately pour into a chic glass for an elegant sipping experience.  Here are my ten favorite champagne coupes and flutes:

"Mille Nuits" by Baccarat.
The transition from dark to light blue is stunning.

"Captiva Champagne Flute" by Varga.
The weight and beautiful etching add formality but the simplicity keeps it from being stuffy and old fashioned.

"Starr" by William Yeoward.
Dressy enough for a fine dining room but not too over the top for less formal occasions.

"Fern Champagne Saucer" by William Yeoward.
I like the delicate beading on the stem and the Fern pattern, a 19th Century English botanical design. 

"Twirl Larabee Dot Fete Mini Saucer" by Kate Spade.
Saucers/Coupes have an old school vibe which I find fun.  The dots and touch of gold add playful elements.

"Horozontal Stripes Parisian Gold" by Marc Blackwell.
The gold horizontal stripes dress up the sleek and modern shape of this flute.

"Heartland Stemware" and Champagne bucket by Simon Pearce.
These flutes are classic yet modern in shape.  The round finial at the top of the stem is a pretty detail.
"Champagne Flute" by Tiffany and Co.
Leave it to Tiffany to create the most timeless and elegant flute!

"Tortoise" by Steuben.
Etching keeps this stemless flute glamorous.

"Emerald Green Rivoli" by Phillipe Deshoulieres.
The curved stripes create a lattice pattern in a palm leaf green - perfect for a chic island house!

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