Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stylist Tips For Arranging Your Bar

A console table can multitask as a buffet or bar.
At this time of year, everyone is entertaining, and most parties centralize around the bar.  As a hostess, you don't have to hire a bartender to avoid mixing drinks all night.  You can turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a self service bar with a few simple styling techniques borrowed from this bar at one of my favorite places, New Zealand's Huka Lodge.

Here, the antique brass cachepot doubles as a wine cooler and provides a focal point.  The symmetry and staggering heights makes for an attractive display.

Drinks, garnishes and glasses are clearly visible and within easy reach.  You hardly notice it, but the liquor bottles are resting on top of little steps - a great stylist trick.  The elevation allows you to see which liquors are available.
Vessels are limited to two materials: white ceramic and clear glass.  This makes everything look cohesive.

Buy glass bottles for your water and mixers - they are much prettier!  I like the light to dark color grouping.

Good looking glassware needn't be expensive.  Glasses like these can easily be found in your local restaurant supply store. 

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