Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hubby's Corner: AERO, Wicker v. Rattan and Great Creative Lamps

Aero loves them some nailhead. Good thing, since Hubby does too… Favorite pieces were a pair of upholstered bookcases with great use of nail head as design, rather than as fastener. Simple piece, nothing flashy, and yet really classy and stylish.

Let’s talk lamps. Great selection downstairs, topped off by two that I was particularly fond of.

The first sports a white base of twisted metal that looked to me like leaf springs from an old wagon. This bad boy would work in a number of settings from contemporary to plantation chic.

Another’s base was a series of Abaci(?) or whatever the plural of abacus would be. Absolutely full of contraption-ness, and educational at the same time! Called the Ong lamp, and worth a look.

-      If you make it downstairs, look for the “happy elephant” picture behind the desk tucked into the staircase. Don’t see enough of those “Babar out for a jog” shots….
-      I like legs of tables and chairs that are actually legs. Fun table here with some fierce looking paws at the base of the leg. Not sure how I feel about 8-toed gremlin whose legs they stole, but a fun piece
Sisal - hurts your toes!
-      Wicker v. rattan – still not sure I know the difference, but I like rattan. It’s like sisal but doesn’t make your toes hurt just looking at it. Sisal = evil, rattan = happy rainbows. Personally a bigger fan of “micro-rattan” that’s narrower, and more tightly woven

Hubby him loves some gadgetry, but knows that taken to the extreme, you get Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Aero has a great selection of items that bring some edge while they’re busy conforming. If I had an office I cared about, I’d expend the whole budget here – great functionality with some real nice creativity in every piece on the floor. It also doesn’t hurt that the staff is incredibly friendly, fun and willing to help out a guy in tennis shoes.

Aero Studios, Ltd.
419 Broome Street
New York , NY

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