Monday, April 2, 2012

Remembering Mr. Hadley

Albert Hadley.  Photographed by Mark Hampton.
The design world has lost one of its leading influences of the 20th Century; Albert Hadley died on Saturday at the age of 91 in Nashville.  Mr. Hadley is highly admired for his innate talent, strongly grounded design principals and for the stunning yet realistic interiors which he created for many prominent figures, most of whom were fashion and style icons themselves.  Mr. Hadley's work is well documented in multiple publications spanning over half a century and in Adam Lewis's Albert Hadley: The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer.  Those who knew Mr. Hadley light up when they hear his name.  The Hadley enthusiasm is not only for his style but for the gentleman he was; impeccable manners, humility and graciousness are words frequently used to describe Hadley.  He was a beloved mentor to many of today's leading designers - Bunny Williams, Thomas Jayne and Christopher Spitzmiller to name a few.  Hadley never stopped learning and worked well into his later years; I spotted him at lectures as recently as last spring and in the D & D two years ago.  Mr. Hadley will be missed by those who knew him and by the many admirers of his work.


  1. Certainly a legend was lost. Congratulations on your Traditional Home young designer award...what an amazing accomplishment. Instantly picked your beautiful image as my favorite in the latest Traditional Home Magazine. Happily following!!

    1. Hello! Thank you for your readership and thoughtful words! Am a big fan of your blog!