Monday, December 13, 2010

Collecting: Tales Of Obsession

Carolyne Roehm, Iris Apfel, Bennett Weinstock,
Mayer Rus, Lisa Marsh and Philip Erdoes
The New Traditionalists, one of my favorite furniture lines, recently hosted a round table discussion at their gorgeous showroom in Soho where distinguished and well respected taste makers led a conversation about collecting. 

Each panelist had interesting and witty stories unique to their own collection but, a few universal themes emerged:
  • Collect what you love
  • Use your collections
  • Enjoy the thrill of the hunt

    Iris Apfel - fashion icon, renowned interior designer (to nine US presidents) and owner of the exquisite textiles company, Old World Weavers
    First Collection: costume jewelry; started collecting at age 12. 
    Favorite thing about collecting: "the thrill of the hunt...finding is more fun than owning."
    Considers herself: "a gut collector."  Value is not the determining factor for her purchases; items must simply pass the "do I like it?" test.
    Sharing: Iris says "if God is good to you, you have to share."  Iris has donated and loaned her collections to numerous museums.
Philip Erdoes - gracious host of the evening, accomplished businessman and CEO of The New Traditionalists.
Favorite collection: personal collection of thirty pairs custom cowboy boots which remind him of growing up in Oklahoma.
Emotional connection to collecting: "absorption of the product."

Carolyne Roehm and Philip Erdoes
Carolyne Roehm - former model and fashion designer turned author of ten books on entertaining and floral design. 
Most prized possession: pair of Chanel interlocking C cuffs.  Originally bought copies by Kenneth Jay Lane and later purchased the originals.
Emotional connection to collecting: the "visual reaction to something," the hunt and learning along the way.

Iris Apfel and Mayer Rus

Mayer Rus - art and culture editor of the LA Times Magazine.  Former design editor of House and Garden and former editor in chief of Interior Design
Favorite collection: taxidermy which started on his first trip to Deyrolle, the famous Parisian taxidermy outpost.
Integrate collections into your daily life: taxidermy is something Rus can collect no matter what part of the world he is in.  In Crawford, Texas he purchased a skunk!

Bennett Weinstock - Philadelphia lawyer who joined his wife, Judie, to start a wildly successful interior design firm. 

Favorite collection: English tea ware pottery, which inspired Oprah to start her own collection!
Emotional connection to collecting: item must "give a rush of passion."

The New Traditionalists
524 Broadway, No. 206
New york, Ny 10012
T: 212.226.1868
F: 212.226.5504

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