Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hubby's Corner: Finding Acceptance From Your Man In The Realm Of Antiques

Gears Rock!
Collection of 5 Wooden Antique Gears on Iron Stands
from John Boone, Inc in Los Angeles.
A man's reaction to almost any antique will typically reflect one of the following:
  1. Vehement refusal
  2. Casual reluctance
  3. Enthusiastic tolerance

From my brutish vantage point, a good store has more items that fit the last category, than the first two. Coming again, strictly from my perspective, two almost identical pieces can occupy entirely different places on this simplistic spectrum due to what seem to be small and insignificant differences.

What I believe will always move the needle from "dammit honey, why?" to "if you like it, you should pick up another one " is the level of 'contraption-ness.' Simply put, dudes love do-hickies:

- Trap doors
- Cabinets inside of cabinets
- Unnecessary, and redundant hinges

The more fun contraptions an antique has to bring out the inner 9 year old boy, the more likely you get the "enthusiastic tolerance" reaction than something worse.

Anglo-Indian Inlaid Ivory and Pen-Work Miniature Writing Chest
Circa 1800.  Vizagapatam, India.
Available at Therien and Company in Los Angeles.

A few items that immediately come to mind are old school thermometers and barometric pressure gauges, or old school yardsticks that expand and contract to almost pocket size. Don't think these attributes are limited to measuring tools though; I love cabinets – we recently saw a travel sized antique cabinet from the Empirical days of England with stunning Indian motifs, to go with loads of contraptions! Tables with irregular leafs, or geometrically busy but subtle cues in the legs of tables and chairs also fit the bill.

Directoire Style Oak Center Table Inspired by
18th century architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux.
Available at Therien and Company in Los Angeles.

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