Friday, November 5, 2010

Hampton's Garden Tour 2010

The Hampton's is home to some gorgeous private gardens.  Unfortunately many are surrounded by sky high hedges so they can only be seen by owners and guests.  Luckily, some of the most beautiful gardens were opened for the Guild Hall 2010 Garden Tour.  Here are some of my favorite details from the tour:

Lynne Garden, Georgica
Designed by Edmund Hollander

Entry through a rose garden.

A trellis obelisk steadies roses as they grow.

Tee off in your own back yard!

This outdoor dining space is surrounded by a picking garden.

Path way to the orchard is interspersed with grass to makes a pretty pattern.

Flower bed with tennis cottage beyond.

Using a mass of one type of flower makes a dramatic statement.
White Impatiens border the Wedding Garden.

This large tree is a focal point at the deep end of the pool.

Flower beds help to break up and add interest to the large back lawn.

Further Lane Garden, East Hampton
Designed by Edmund Hollander

Beautiful Beds!  Pine straw is used as a nice alternative to mulch.

The reflection pool is centered on the arbor and tennis net which makes a strong impact.

The casual pathway is made with alternating sizes of local stone with chiseled edges.

The outdoor shower blends seamlessly into the stone wall.

The untouched dunes create a natural, serene pool setting with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Gillman Garden, Amagansette
Designed by Victoria Fensterer

Lush, close plantings and a twig arbor beyond make this a whimsical garden.

A garden shed is made more special with a shingled exterior and old world hardware.

Love this cabana!
The pool deck, made of natural stone, evokes the feeling of slipping into a pond.

Rikind Garden, Amagansette
Designed by Eric D. Groft of Oehme van Sweden

This garden was designed to have a very natural, almost unkempt, look.

For low maintenance and a natural look, create beds of unmowed grass.

This pool creates the feeling of an oasis in the middle of sand dunes.

Caiola and McGill Garden, Amagansette
Designed by Craig James Socia

Socia designed this garden for a young family and the garden has special features to suit family members and guests of all ages.

The garden wall is layered from the outside in starting with hedges that lead into beds.
Everything is neatly contained in a flagstone wall.

The play set is separated from the formal garden with a hedge.

Children feel like they are hanging from the trees on this twig playset.

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